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Operation & Maintenance

Instrumentation System Validation Service Division

Instrumentation equipment is being maintained at its best condition.

The instrumentation equipment is the "brain" of the production control, thus, we have to ensure that the equipment is in top condition at all times. Advanced calibration technology is an indispensable tool to guarantee that proper maintenance is done on a regular basis for trouble-free operation. We also provide a wide range of services beyond what individual instruments or equipment manufacturer can offer, such as calibration/maintenance of measuring instruments (electrical, temperature, humidity, liquid level, etc.) and full overhaul of control valves, to name a few. We assure our customer's that the equipment is working at its peak performance.

Vast experience in various fields

Our SVS Division employs the largest personnel composed of experienced engineers in Japan with extensive know-how on calibration and maintenance services for various industrial clients (nuclear/thermal power stations, petroleum/petrochemical plants, gas facilities, sewage water treatment facilities and waste incineration facilities), as well as pharmaceutical clients requiring strict quality control.

Instrumentation Inspection and Management System compliant to National Standards

Our engineers at the SVS Division are consistently given qualification/certification training, external seminars and internal education to enhance their abilities, skills and technology know-how. We adhere to strict quality control system for maintenance works and likewise, deliver comprehensive traceability schemes for standard and critical measuring instruments. This will validate that the instrument's accuracy conforms with the national standards.

General instrumentation maintenance

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