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Instrument Calibration Services

Top-class calibration technologies and laboratory in Japan

To provide highly reliable instrumentation maintenance services, the Calibration Laboratory at Sanko has been involved in "Calibration" and "Test" of the standard measuring instruments those are most important quality-control tools for field instruments/sensors in the various process industries. The relationships between the client's products quality and the means of field measurement/control are clearly clarified under a strict calibration management system, the prominent calibration technologies and schemes corresponding to TPM, GMP, HACCP, ISO9000, etc. have been established.Sanko is also seeking to maintain and improve its calibration engineering technologies through ceaseless technical education and training to engineers, and participating in and working with various study committee/working groups of national/ public research institutes related to the metrology.

Supporting measuring instruments of all makes and types

The Calibration Laboratory offers comprehensive calibration services covering measuring and field instruments of all makes and types. This is our strong advantage for a calibration service company like Sanko, which is backed by extensive experience accumulated over many years' involvement in the maintenance and calibration servicing of various industrial plants and commitment to improving calibration technologies. We are a "one-stop calibration shop" that customers can turn to for the testing and calibration of variables, and we're able to answer any complex calibration requirements quickly and appropriately.

Primary Measurement/Calibration Standards
  • Primary thermometry calibration apparatus
  • Primary pressure calibration apparatus
  • Primary electrical variables calibration apparatus
Working Measurement/Calibration Standards
  • Temperature instruments calibration apparatus
  • Hygrometers calibration apparatus
  • Pressure instruments calibration apparatus
  • Electricity calibration apparatus
  • Mass calibration apparatus
  • Length calibration apparatus

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