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Operation & Maintenance

We offer an integrated solution and provide consistent results based on our extensive experience in various fields, from testing of measuring instruments and systems to commissioning and maintenance services.


Upon the completion of project in construction, we will prepare the start-up of the instrumentation and control system for plant commissioning. Our work involves the creation of test procedures, calibration of field instruments, digital control systems, loop tests, tuning and operator guidance support to ensure that the plant will run smoothly on its launch.


Even after the start of plant operations, it is necessary to secure the efficient operation of the equipment by checking its functionality and reliability, safety, output of high-value products, reduction of complications and lead time. The routine maintenance of instrumentation and control systems on the plant central system is essential.


The Sanko Group is capable to render total instrumentation maintenance requirements which includes planning, calibration and construction services. The demand for our services in Japan and other countries are attributable to our experienced personnel, latest technology, equipment and facilities specialized in instrumentation works.


Today, the advancement in instrumentation and control systems technologies are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Hence, the instrumentation maintenance technologies used for these systems will be more sophisticated and complex too. To address this, our team in instrumentation research and development center educates and trains our instrument calibration and maintenance engineers to adopt the latest technological trends. Our calibration facilities are equipped to handle the various instruments using our quality criteria to comply with the National Standards. Moreso, we are committed to promote the advancement of instrumentation calibration technology.


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