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Manufacturing & Procurement

Specialized Equipment

We offer total development and manufacture of various equipments used on Power Plants where specialized piping and tubing are required. We prepare all the pipes and tubes to fully optimize the equipment design. The end product is designed based on the customer's requirements.

For future projects where research and development is required, we will be glad to assist you.

  • Earthquake-resistant instrumentation racks designed for Nuclear Power Plants (Class-S seismic resistant structures).
  • Special Gas Piping Control Systems and High-pressure Gas Equipment for Specific Projects.
  • Tube and pipe processing (cutting, welding, shaping, screw/thread), CS, SS, Copper or PVC material.
  • Special Equipment Tests : We do air pressure tests, hydrostatic tests and flow simulations as long as it is within the range of our Factory Testing Facilities.

Solenoid Valve Cabinet / Instrumentation Rack

Cylinder Cabinet / Test Simulation Equipment for Nuclear Power Plant

Hydrogen Booster Equipment (for Hydrogen Vehicles)

The Hydrogen Booster shown above is used for filling-in the tanks of Hydrogen Vehicles. The nominal design pressure of the Hydrogen Booster is 75 MPa. We did our test pressure at 110 MPa. While doing the pressure tests, our employees and inspectors wore bullet-proof vest and helmet as part of our safety management protocols.

Product Range
  • Instrumentation Rack, Instrument Protection Panel, Solenoid Valve Cabinet
  • Gas Pressure Booster Unit
  • Air Pressure Test Equipment
  • Pressure Cycle Test Equipment
  • Cylinder Cabinets
  • Gas Purity Monitoring Equipment
  • Ozone Generator
  • Hydrogen Permeation Membrane Testing Equipment
  • Fuel Cell Evaluation System
  • Capacitance-Type Liquid-Level Measurement Alarm Control Panel
  • For other custom equipment, please contact us.

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