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Manufacturing & Procurement

Control Panels

Our panels are designed and manufactured based on the clear-cut specifications of the customer while keeping the end-product very functional with ease of operation and maintenance features. Since the 1970's, we have been involved in the Nuclear Power Plant construction works where we supplied numerous earthquake resistant panels. We specialize in environment where high quality work is required and have gained huge commendation from customers.


Likewise, we attend to after-delivery concerns of all our customers. Upon request, we also provide supervisory works (Local SV) for commissioning and installation at the job site. For maintenance and replacement, please contact us.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Type, Wall-mounted or Free-standing design
  • Ready-made or off-the-shelf panels (cabinets) can also be used
  • Earthquake-resistant instrumentation racks designed for Nuclear Power Plants (Class-S seismic resistant structures).
  • Relay, PLC, DCS, HMI and Software Design
  • Explosion-proof Control Panels conforming to various standards (domestic and international)
  • Procurement of panel equipment and materials conforming to International Standards
  • TUV-certified FSE (Functional Safety Engineers) : 2 people

Control Panel (Indoor Type)

Control Panel (Outdoor Type)

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Product Range
  • Control Panel, Power Panel
  • Distribution Board
  • Explosion-proof Control Panel
  • Relay Panel, Instrumentation Rack, Marshalling Cabinet, Power Outlet Panel, Alarm Panel, etc.
PLC Delivery Record
  • Mitsubishi / Omron / Keyence / Toshiba
  • Allen Bradley / Siemens / Modicon
  • Woodward / Bently Nevada, etc.

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