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Manufacturing & Procurement

Sanko Group provides total solutions from engineering and manufacturing, to procurement of instrumentation system equipment, devices and materials.

We supply a wide variety of materials and equipment of instrumentation, electrical, piping, digital control systems and industrial instruments in accordance to various requirements of each project.

We have established a global procurement network with our long experience , both in domestic and international operations . A database of vendors and supplliers was put in place to provide reference to future projects We provide strong and consistent support for any project through our procurement services including expediting, quality control, imports and exports.

We manufacture on-demand, high-quality and high-reliability instrumentation and control systems equipment including control panels, instrumentation racks, various analytical systems, piping systems and instrument tube fittings based on our know-how and with reference to ISO9000 quality system. Over the years, we have accumulated a successful delivery record to various industries and customers.

Applicable Industries and Fields
  • Energy (Thermal, Nuclear, Solar Power)
  • Petrochemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research Institutions, etc.
Major Products

Strict Quality Control System to deliver High-Reliability Products

Sanko Group established a system which integrates processes from planning to commissioning, and finally start up operation. We guarantee the Customer that all works are completed and all systems are operational that before project hand over, all the systems are in placed.

In addition, we implement a strict quality control and production management in each step. Our quality system enables us to fully assure the quality of instrumentation and control equipment used conform that of facilities such as in nuclear power plants.

With our ISO14000 certification, we assure our Customer that our products are delivered and our services executed in compliance to environmental protection.

Manufacturing Process

Excellent Production Expertise, System and Facilities

Our production area is housed in an air conditioned facility. It is equiped with a clean room to ensure microscopic dust - free environment for the sanitary tubing works. Also, it has all the necessary testing and calibration equipments to simulate various control systems such as gas machine, electronic and computerized controls to meet 100% of our customer's requirements.

For many years, we have cultivated our instrumentation know-how and as a result, we are highly recognized for our quality manufacturing system.

Tube Fittings and Valves (S-Joint)

Sanko Group established Sanko Material Supply, a manufacturing division for tube fittings and valves, that uses micro-level and ultra-precise technologies to produce a range of high performance products.

We developed our "S-Joint®" brand tube fittings and valve products from the prototyping stage up to the commercial market, drawing on our many years of experience and expertise in the field of electrical and instrumentation engineering. These high-quality products are now widely used in various advanced applications and industries.

In 1994, our tube fitting and valve operations received Japan's first ISO9001 certification in this industry. We conduct a one-stop production service based on strict quality control, which covers every step from material selection to machining, assembly, packaging, and shipment.

Sanko Group's Fittings & Valves

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