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Sanko Group is a leading company in the Instrumentation Industry, providing a wide-range of engineering solutions for various fields and applications. For many years, we have gained a lot of experiences from a number of projects carried out both domestic and overseas. We take pride of our global operation in providing our services to the automation industries.

A detailed study is an essential element in any project. We, at Sanko Group , ensure that full consideration on the project policies and objectives, schedule, technology, costs, purpose and functions of the process, plant and equipment, perspectives from various groups involved, including the trade-offs, are considered.

Other factors like, different business practices, personnel mobilization plan, suppliers and mobilization of transportation of equipment and materials, construction constraints and location, as well as the technical feasibility of the control systems and instrumentation equipment ,are likewise taken into account.

Above all these, we offer the best engineering implementation plan.

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, Construction and Maintenance

The Electrical and Instrumentation Division of Sanko Group is the core company of the Sanko Group of Companies. It provides Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, Construction and Maintenance services to various industrial plants, such as Petroleum, Petrochemical, Power, Pharmaceutical and Pulp, both domestic and overseas.

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Nuclear Power Plant Piping & Instrumentation Engineering, Construction and Installation

In 1968, Sanko signed a general agreement with COMSIP Enterprise (France) on business partnership and assistance for nuclear power plant instrumentation engineering. Since then, the Energy Division of Sanko Group provides engineering and construction services for equipment installation, piping, electrical and instrumentation for many customers including the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC) and Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) (currently known as Japan Atomic Energy Agency, or JAEA) and Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited.

System Integration

We provide high-quality and comprehensive services on system design, development, construction, start-up, maintenance and management of Process and Factory Automation.

For many years, we have gained a high reputation as the choice System Integrator of Instrumentation Control Systems on various facilities such as Pharmaceutical (Biopharmaceutical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Equipment), Fine Chemical and Automotive Tire Manufacturing Plants. We develop the monitoring and control system which is mainly designed for Batch Process Control, Factory Automation and Production Management. We have also developed a safety system compatible with ISO13849-1, which is one of the international standards for the safety of machinery.

We are one of the few active companies in this field and we claim to be the pioneer in "Computerized System Validation (CSV)" by the GMP Ministerial Ordinance in Japan.

Example of a Basic System (Computerized System Validation, CSV)

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