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Sanko Group offers complete construction services which includes comprehensive over-all project management , quality control, supply of equipment, health and safety of personnel. With the accumulation of experience and completion of numerous major projects both domestic and overseas, we are fully capable of implementing construction works swiftly and flexible in manpower mobilization.

With the greater sophistication and diversity of plant equipment of recent years, the quality of the construction work affects the very functionality of the equipment, and also defects in construction work can easily lead to accidents or environmental contamination. In addition to our established standards for construction work and research into new construction technologies, we have always placed enormous emphasis on the continuing education of our skilled workers in instrumentation, electrical, piping and welding works, and other specialty fields.

Industrial Plant Construction and Maintenance Engineering Company

Sanko Group offers consistent solutions for construction, daily and shutdown maintenance of instrumentation, electrical and piping systems in various industrial sectors such as oil, petrochemical, nuclear, food, environment and IT-related facilities. In addition, all our plans are designed to have a provision for maintenance works after completion of construction or installation of such systems.

Sanko Group continually aims towards being a total engineering service provider that ushers in a new era in first-class services by using all our resources, technology, skill, experience, specialists and manpower. It is our company's pride to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by meeting all of their needs and exceeding their expectations.

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