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Quality, Environment and Safety Endeavors

Quality Management

First in the instrumentation industry to receive ISO9001 certification

Since the 1990s the Sanko Group has fortified and enhanced our quality assurance system and quickly received ISO9001 certification. In 1994 Sanko Jidokiki (Currently Sanko Material Supply Co., Ltd.) was the first to receive certification for the design and manufacture of connectors and fittings for instrumentation. In 1995 Sanko Controls received certification for the design and manufacture of control panels maintenance of instrumentation equipment and in 1996 Sanko was first in the industry to receive certification for its entire business. That we have earned this certification in so many areas is proof to the world of our corporate belief in providing high-quality technology and service.

Small Group Activities "Coupled with ISO Quality System"

At the Sanko Group our teams maintain a "sense of urgency" during these times of radical change. Guided by team objectives that coincide with our corporate policy our teams work proactively and continuously to improve quality from the production floor up.

Safety Management

Basic Health and Safety Policy

To provide high quality technology and services that is accident-free in line with one of our corporate philosophy - respect to the human life. We promote safe and healthy activities among our people, in and out of the workplace.

Basic Hygiene and Safety Policy

Sanko Group trusts that human resources are its most valuable asset. With that in mind, we believe that accidents that cause damages to life and property have no place in our business operations. We encourage our people to stay healthy, think safety, and work safely.

Quality and Environment Policy

Our Corporate Philosophy : Under the mindset of harmony among our associate companies, we place customer satisfaction first, and provide high-quality technology and services to contribute to the development and progress of the society. In line with this philosophy, Sanko Group’s first principle is to make valuable contribution for the society through our business activities. We shall exert every effort to serve our clients to their satisfaction with minimal, if not zero, impact to the environment that comply to all regulatory requirements. We shall aim for customer satisfaction and harmonious co-existence with the global environment by promoting quality and environment management based on the following policy:

1. We, at Sanko Group ensure environment friendly approach in meeting our customer’s need for safe yet efficient products and reliable technologies that comply to all regulatory requirements. We are committed to deliver our client’s requirements to their utmost satisfaction without sacrificing environment. We are one with the global community in promoting a healthy environment for the humankind.

2. Sanko Group shall set quality and environment targets and objectives, formulate and implement action plans, continue to improve the quality and environment management systems, and review them on a regular basis. In addition, we promote environmental conservation awareness through our small group’s activities so that in our current and future business expansions, our people are conscious with their social responsibilities.

3. This quality and environment policy shall be incorporated into our quality and environmental manuals to facilitate thorough education and training for all the employees of Sanko Group. We shall make every effort so that the content of this manual is also made known to all our sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers and seek their cooperation in the fulfillment of this policy. This shall likewise be posted to Sanko Group’s website, www.skgr.co.jp for public scrutiny.