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Sanko Group strives to be a global company worthy to be chosen in advanced technology and finest quality of service.

Masamichi Imoto Sanko Group COO

Instrumentation and control technology has become important to a variety of fields, from the basic technology of producing energy & raw materials to more complex industries such as manufacturing and assembly; infrastructure & building equipment; utilities & other “lifeline” facilities. Instrumentation and control contributes to more efficient production through automation optimum operation control and remote supervision as well as streamlining task processes through information consolidation.

The significant increase in the demand of instrumentation engineering is evidenced by the need to obtain a certificate in Instrumentation from the Minister of Construction for all Senior Instrumentation Engineers. It is now a requirement to evaluate the engineering inspection capabilities on management matters.

Since its establishment in 1949, which is more than half a century now, the Sanko Group has relentlessly sought involvement and active participation in the technological evolution in Japan and other parts of the world. We are leading in the industrial development as a frontrunner in instrumentation engineering.

Currently the Sanko Group has almost 450 certified instrumentation engineers with six companies in Japan and eight across North America and Southeast Asia that have distinctive functions and specialized fields related to instrumentation and associated engineering. Each company adhere to the sophistication of technology and services as professional. Henceforth our companies are systematically and synergistically developing total engineering services globally through the group dynamics to provide basic planning systems; integration; manufacturing; construction and maintenance to meet the needs of all customers.

Technological evolution in industrial and business environment are advancing with an unparalleled force and speed. The instrumentation engineering in particular which is directly connected to information technology that exhausted its full potential has experienced extraordinary changes. The Sanko Group is adaptable to utmost change, thus it uses such opportunity to create new group values. Since the beginning the Sanko Group has consistently believed in infinite harmony and has achieved our goals as a whole.

To ensure your continued trust and support as engineering and business partners, we The Sanko Group will always strive to be ahead of our corporate viability. With our combined technology - the latest and most globally proficient- and our service quality & management we provide solutions to all users that exceed expectations.

Quality, Environment and Safety in Infinity Harmony

Corporate creed
Infinity Harmony
Corporate Philosophy
Under the mindset of harmony among our associate companies we place customer satisfaction first ,and provide high-quality technology and services to contribute to the continued development of a more prosperous society.
Business Management Principles
  1. 1. With customer demands always in mind, we stay flexible and make every effort to meet.
  2. 2. With full knowledge of the market, we create highly reliable technology and services.
  3. 3. With global perspective, we form teams of active people who always attempt to achieve.